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03/12/13 10:50 PM #2    

Carol Venburg (McFarlane)

Welcome to the White Bear High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/23/13 10:02 AM #3    


Janine McKenzie (Allen)

I am in the process of generating a musical DVD for our June reunion. If you would like to share a recent photo of you and/or you and your family, please post it on this site OR send a copy electronically to Many thanks!

05/22/18 10:55 PM #4    

Charles Butler

Sorry to report that I will miss the 50 year reunion. 

I did get back home in White Bear last week to celebrate my father's 99th birthday.

Here is a picture of my dad, me, wife Karen, daughter Alexandra, my sister and 2 of 4 brothers plus 2 inlaws and 2 cousins. I hope I am recognized (in red)

05/23/18 11:41 AM #5    

Catherine (Cathy) Blumenthal (Boyd)

I am sorry you will miss the reunion.
Really important to celebrate your dad's birthday.

06/20/18 10:48 AM #6    

Duffy Miller

Dear Class Reunion Committee,

Bravo Zulu on a job well done. The entire weekend of events exceeded my expectations.

It was absolutely great to see my classmates and their significant partners.

Again, thank you Committee Members for your hard work and due diligence, it was worth waiting fifty years to enjoy. 

Here's hoping, I see everyone and a few more at our 60th. - Duff

06/21/18 05:18 PM #7    

Catherine (Cathy) Blumenthal (Boyd)

You are so welcome.
We had a great time planning and
Enjoying it ourselves. Don't
You feel sorry for those who
Had to miss it.
My White Bear picture is
On my wall. Fabulous.

06/21/18 06:47 PM #8    

Steven Nelson

Hi, I too want to thank all that were involved in the planning of this event. I just came to the picnic but that was so fun, but missed many class mates who did not get to the picnic. The picnic was, as my one and only 7 year old grandson says "awesome". Thank you, Steve J. 

06/21/18 09:35 PM #9    

Susan Langer (Pearson)


Words can't express the good job the committee did for the reunion. Thank you. We really had a good time. I'll  be watching for the next one and also looking for my new classmates as neighbors. Sue


06/22/18 08:04 AM #10    


William (Bill) Pope

I delighted and surprised, many of the planning meetings were a little chaotic, but in the end failure was not an option. Many thanks to all who gave many hours to assure success. I bow to them all.

06/22/18 06:32 PM #11    

Catherine (Cathy) Blumenthal (Boyd)

High praise for the committee.
We are glad everyone was so pumped
About 50 years out of school.
Now it seems like a blink if an eye.
Back in school we never thought we
Would live to be this old.
Congrats to us.

06/23/18 10:18 AM #12    


Gregory Fletcher

Had a great time at our class reunion.  Good to see people from the past.  This time of year, summer, always makes me think of graduation and summer vacation that we used to enjoy.   Driving a school bus for White Bear amplfies these memories even more.

And to all the reunion commitee, fabulous job!

Greg Fletcher

06/23/18 12:51 PM #13    

Catherine (Cathy) Blumenthal (Boyd)

Thank you Greg.

06/24/18 12:09 PM #14    


Kevin Burke

For all of you who spent a lot of time organizing the events of the 50th reunion thank you very much. Kevin Burke

06/24/18 09:13 PM #15    


Mary Cleary (Kowitz)

The reunion was a great success because of the awesome committee, I was humbled to be a part of it. Even better was watching all the "the re-connections" over the weekend. The laughter, the hugs, the conversations...INCREDIBLE!. Thanks again to the committee.

06/25/18 08:07 PM #16    


Gary Ostberg

Sorry I missed you Kevin! And yes Mary...tons of hugs and laughter and geez was it so FUN!! You all did a SPECTACULAR was so well organized...and whoever requested the great weather...thank you!!! I sue miss MNB and especially WBL. All my friends who I grew up with and who loved on me are still there!! And...some came from a long ways away to hang with us all. THANK YOU to all who journeyed across the country and across the world to join in with us! BTW...didn't need nametags, I would have recognized you all anyway....................tee hee.

06/26/18 01:49 PM #17    

Alina Lao (Keebler)

Yes!  Kudos to the organizers!  It was great seeing and catching up with old friends.   

And, thank you for including me.  Even though my parents moved away in Aug. of '67 and I missed my senior year there, I always considered myself a WBHS student having gone to school there since 7th grade and lived there during those difficult teenage years, which were especially hard on me being an immigrant.   

If you are passing through or near Pittsburgh, do get in touch - my husband and I will show you around.  Pittsburgh is far from the old smoky town that it once was and there's lots to do.

06/27/18 11:42 AM #18    

Catherine (Cathy) Blumenthal (Boyd)

Glad you could reconnect.
If I am ever in Pittsburgh
I will take you up on it.

07/01/18 05:31 PM #19    

Barbara Koenig

This is late, I have been on a two week vacation getting my home in Iowa ready to sell and then on to Washington Island, Wisconsin for continuing education.  The reunion was great.  Thank you so much to the committee for all the hours and hard work.  It was good to see so many classmates.  I look forward to getting together again!  

07/02/18 12:57 PM #20    

Catherine (Cathy) Blumenthal (Boyd)

Glad you could make it.
You are a busy lady.
Safe travels.

07/02/18 02:44 PM #21    

Sally Buchan (Paskvan)

Words can not express the AWESOME job the committee did to Celebrate our 50 Year Reunion!! It was impossible to chat with everyone. What a great turn out and not short on laughs. Everyone looked wonderful and great to share stories. I’m very proud of where I was raised and everyone that grew up with me. I’m going to try to make it back for Manitou Days on a regular basis. So fun. Stay Healthy everyone till our paths cross again❤️❤️🥂

07/03/18 12:10 PM #22    

Catherine (Cathy) Blumenthal (Boyd)

Just try to keep you away.
Stay in touch

01/11/20 02:41 PM #23    

Robert Young (Young)



All class members that served in the military are now eligible to shop at Commisary and Exchange starting 1 January 2020 1. Veterans W/Disability from VA, 2. Purple Heart,3 Former POW 4. Caregivers .To Verify go


01/12/20 03:32 PM #24    

Colleen Cunningham (Ketcham)

Thanks Robert.  My deceased husband was a disabled Vet and my 92 year old father is a WWII Vet.  I was aware of the announcement but didn't know the date, so thanks.  


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